Human Rights Education

Student Mock United Nations Security Council Session

Undergraduate and postgraduate law students have put their knowledge into practice during a mock United Nations Security Council debate, hosted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The event provided an excellent academic experience, allowing the students to present and debate human rights issues acting as Heads of State and Foreign Ministers. The students represented the Five Permanent Members of the Security Council (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States), and the ten non-permanent members.

Amna Nazir, an LLB student said (pictured right, to the left of Erasums Student, Hanna Buck), "I was able to gain a better understanding regarding the intricate workings of the United Nations at the Security Council level. Practical based learning such as this mock event helps us, as students, to truly appreciate our field of study, for example, what the UN Security Council does, the board scope of human rights within the international community and why as a result it is quite difficult for countries to unanimously agree on a specific resolution." Hanna Buck said that the event, "helped me to understand the conflict between the idea of human rights and sovereignty even better, and also the need for balancing human rights against each other became more evident...the experience that everyone was not just representing himself, but a country was very interesting, because I had to distinguish between the person and the country the person was representing. It was also great to make a speech. It helped me to gain more confidence in speaking in front of other people." LLB Student, Leyla Buran stated, "The event allowed us to engage what we learned on the course, in a hands-on way. It allowed us to have first-hand experience as to how the law we are taught at university functions in a real international organisation. It is easier to understand law and the way it functions if you have a chance to apply it yourself."

Erasmus Student, Gergana Kirachena, stated, "This event gave us a clear and practical overview of how international law works. I think that it is important for a student to put into practice the theory that they have studied and the Mock United Nations event allowed us to do this."
Leyla Buran stated that this event helped for future employment as being part, "of a mock United Nations Session has shown me that I can adapt professionally to different environments, from the first opening statement to the open debates."    

The Mock United Nations Session at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office was a great success. It provided a wonderful academic experience enabling the students to present and debate human rights issues. Members of the FCO also gave lectures to our students on bilateral and multilateral issues, including dialogues in New York, Geneva, and in Brussels, and the participation in drafting of the mock Security Council Resolution.

Picture of students, BCU staff, and FCO staff, following the conclusion of the Mock Security Council Session.